DTV Transition Unreadiness Drops Again: Nielsen


The number of DTV-unready households continues to drop, according to Nielsen's latest survey.

As of March 15, said Nielsen, "only 3.6%" of all TV homes "remain unready"  for the June transition to all-digital broadcasting. That is down from 3.9% at the beginning of the month.

According to Nielsen, that leaves 4.1 homes unpreparaed, which means 350,000 more homes have become prepared in the past two weeks,

There was no sign, at least in the relese and Nielsen blog posting, of the amplifications on that figure that the National Association of Broadcasters had requested in a letter to Nielsen.

NAB is concerned that the figure is misleading because it defines as "unready" homes that may have the boxes, but just haven't hooked them up yet, or that may have applied for a DTV-to-analog converter box coupon but just haven't gotten one yet.