DVD Makers Get TiVo Lite


TiVo Inc. is offering up a stripped-down version of its
digital-video-recorder technology to makers of DVD boxes.

The San Jose, Calif.-based DVR provider has created "TiVo Basic," a
technology license that includes DVR functions such as fast-forward, pause and
reverse for live-TV recording, but leaves out program-search and
automatic-recording functions.

Toshiba America Consumer Products Inc. will be the first electronics maker to
buy into the license, which it will use in its "SD-H400" DVD unit, debuting this

It will be up to the DVD makers to decide pricing for their products.
Customers who buy TiVo Basic boxes can be upgraded to full TiVo functionality
for $12.95 monthly or a one-time $299 lifetime subscription.

"Partnering with consumer-electronics companies is driving innovation and
consumer choice in the DVR category," TiVo senior vice president and general
manager Ta-Wei Chien said in a release.

"By offering this new entry-level TiVo Basic service to our licensees, we are
working with them to ensure that their products can be competitive at retail as
the category expands," he added.