E. Chicago City Council Tries to Silence Truth


The East Chicago, Ind., City Council voted to eliminate the public-access channel on its Comcast Corp. system and replace it with a municipal-access channel run by city officials, AP reported.

However, Alicia Lopez-Rodriguez, who hosts a show on the public-access called The Truth, told the Merrillville, Ind.-based Post-Tribune that there’s more to the story.

“We openly talk about all of the indicted city councilmen,” she told the newspaper. “We're not just trying to be controversial, but we don't back the administration, and we definitely want new leadership.”

Attorney J. Justin Murphy, who negotiated the deal with Comcast for East Chicago, told AP the city was not trying to quiet such opposition, and shows such as The Truth can get on cable by paying a license agreement.

However, Lopez-Rodriguez said that if the public-access channel is shuttered, her show will be forced off the system.