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E! Entertainment Television will launch its first mobile trivia game based on the network's signature documentary series, The E! True Hollywood Story.

E! True Hollywood Trivia was developed by UIEvolution and will be available for download this spring, starting in April. The game further enhances E!'s mobile offerings, which already include on-demand and streaming video channels, as well as mobile Internet (wireless-access-point) sites.

Putting Hollywood history buffs and pop-culture fanatics alike to the test, the game's content will include all entertainment-related questions, ranging from celebrity and pop culture to movies and TV.

The game will be downloadable to users' mobile phones for a nominal monthly fee, and questions will be updated on a regular basis, keeping the game fresh. E! True Hollywood Trivia will be available on multiple wireless-provider game storefronts starting in the second quarter.

E! True Hollywood Trivia will allow users to play on their mobile phones with a wide array of game-play options.

Hollywood Headliner is a single-player game that can also be enjoyed by up to four players as a pass-and-play game. Daily Dash invites players to answer one question each day. Boffo Betting gives each player $100 in play money to wager, with correct answers adding to their bankroll. And in Multiplex Mayhem, players face off against -- and chat with -- other competitors from around the globe to see who knows more about Hollywood.

Game play is timed, with multiple scoring options and a communitywide leader board for top scores.