EarthLink Expands DSL Footprint


Tapping into agreements it forged in the past year with Baby Bells, EarthLink
Inc. is reaching out to 8 million more households, offering new or expanded
digital-subscriber-line service in 70 markets.

The Atlanta-based Internet-service provider’s expansion is the result of
deals it signed with SBC Communications Inc. in 2002 and BellSouth Corp. earlier
this year. Both agreements call for full deployment of EarthLink service in the
Baby Bells’ territories by early 2004, widening its DSL market footprint by 8
million homes.

The list of target markets for new or expanded deployments includes Atlanta;
Miami; New Orleans; St. Louis; Cincinnati; Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.; and
Monterey-Salinas, Calif.

"Customers are looking for competitive alternatives when selecting a
high-speed Internet-service provider," EarthLink vice president of strategic
brand management Erika Jolly said. "Expanding our broadband footprint enables
EarthLink to bring our award-winning service and full suite of high-speed
features to more consumers around the country."

EarthLink is now offering new DSL customers a special $29.95 monthly rate for
the first six months of service, including free activation, modem and

On the cable side, EarthLink has rolled out service in all of Time Warner
Cable’s data markets, and it has a deal to roll out service with Comcast Corp.
in Seattle and Boston.

The ISP now claims more than 891,000 high-speed subscribers, including
cable-modem and DSL users.