East Coast, Eastern Shows Combine


It's official: The East Coast Cable (formerly the Atlantic) Show and the
Eastern Show will merge in 2002.

The meetings will continue separately this year: The Eastern Show is slated
for March 26 through 28 in Atlanta, while the East Coast Cable Show is scheduled
Oct. 23 through 25 in Baltimore.

But there is already a change on tap with the latter, as Nancy Horne,
president of the Southern Cable Telecommunications Association, will serve as
show-panel developer, taking over the role normally executed by the Cable &
Telecommunications Association for Marketing.

The two show backers have agreed to merge, but the time and place remain
unsettled. The Eastern operators would like the show to begin on a Monday, while
the Southern operators prefer a Tuesday start date.

The initial merged show will be held Baltimore. The partners, however, didn't
rule out the possibility of shifting sites in the future.

As smaller regionals, the two trade shows had been unable to attract vendors
to showcase technological innovations. That shift in focus has been successful
for the Western Show, helping that trade meeting to attract a reported 33,000
attendees and exhibitor personnel in 2000.

'This move, to some extent, is a result of constant prodding by exhibitors.
They all promised us that the merger would benefit them,' said Dick Alteri,
president of the Cable Television and Telecommunications Association of New