‘eBay on TV’ Debuts on Time Warner


Time Warner Cable is rolling out “eBay on TV” to all of its digital-cable subscribers in Austin, Texas.

eBay on TV is the result of partnerships between SCP Private Equity Partners’ portfolio unit, BIAP Systems Inc., with eBay Inc. (www.ebay.com) and the MSO.

Registered eBay users can use the service to check the status of their accounts and submit bids using their existing set-tops and remotes. Alerts will be posted on subscribers' screens if they have been outbid or have won an auction, all in real time and from any channel.

eBay on TV is available at no additional cost, and it is accessible through a simple on-screen sign-in process.

BIAP said it is talking with other major MSOs about launching the service.

The first item purchased using eBay on TV was a pair of cowboy boots. One boot is being kept in BIAP's offices, and the other is going to the Cable Center in Denver, BIAP said.