EchoStar Expands Ethnic Lineup


Englewood, Colo. -- EchoStar Communications Corp. last week
announced that it has added five new foreign-language video channels to its Dish Network
International lineup.

The new channels are TV Polonia (Polish), TV Asia (South
Asian), Zee TV (Hindi), LBC (Lebanese) and ART Movies (Arabic).

TV Polonia -- which also includes two Polish-language audio
channels -- and TV Asia are already in service. Zee TV launches July 15, and ART Movies
and LBC will begin airing Aug. 1.

The new foreign-language programming will be broadcast from
the EchoStar III satellite, which is located at 61.5 degrees west longitude. Subscribers
who also choose mainstream Dish Network programming from 119 degrees west will need a
second 18-inch dish.

Formerly a stand-alone Arabic channel broadcast from 119,
ART will be moved to the all-Arabic package at EchoStar III. The company will offer a free
second dish, complete with professional installation, to current ART subscribers who
choose both the ART package from 61.5 and the Dish Network America's Top 40 or Top 60
fare at 119. Those who want only the Arabic programming would need to repoint their

EchoStar's Dish Network also provides Japanese,
French, Portuguese, Greek and Italian programming.

DirecTv Inc. and Ethnic American Broadcasting Co. are
expected to detail their own plans this week for direct-broadcast satellite-delivered
foreign-language programming.