EchoStar Loses Top Marketers


EchoStar Communications Corp. lost two top marketing executives Monday,
according to sources.

Spokesman Marc Lumpkin confirmed that vice president of marketing
Mary Ferguson and senior vice president of marketing Ira Bahr 'recently left our

Bahr told Multichannel News he resigned Monday.

'It's our policy not to comment on employee departures,' Lumpkin said.

Calls to Ferguson's former telephone extension Thursday were redirected to
Arnold Gonzalez.

Lumpkin would not say who was taking over Ferguson's and Bahr's

'The marketing department continues to be overseen by Dish Network executive
vice president Soraya Hesabi-Cartwright,' Lumpkin said.

Direct-broadcast satellite industry insiders expressed
surprise at the marketers' departures Thursday, adding that Dish has been
successful in recent months in both increasing consumer awareness and driving
new subscriptions through promotions such as the recent 'I Like 9' campaign,
which boasted monthly programming for $9.