EchoStar to Reporters: Call Us


EchoStar Communications Corp.’s public-relations department is actively enlisting the services of reporters.

The direct-broadcast satellite company said in a press release Wednesday that it “is inviting reporters to call our public-relations department when they first hear of cable rate-increases in their area.”

In return, Dish Network’s parent is promising “interviews with upset cable customers in your town who have switched to Dish Network; interviews with local satellite-TV retailers who are feeling a positive impact by the cable-rate increases; images of our national or local print ads; video of our TV commercials; FCC [Federal Communications Commission] reports on history of cable-rate increases; and analysts’ reports on how cable companies are losing hundreds of thousands of customers while satellite-TV companies are gaining record numbers of new customers.”

EchoStar recently launched a national campaign titled, "Why Is Digital Cable So Expensive?"