EchoStar Settles Suit with Stations


EchoStar said Monday morning that it settled a nine-year-old lawsuit with ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliate associations that will allow it to continue to deliver distant network signals to subscribers that qualify for the programming.

Dish, which had reached similar settlements earlier with hundreds of other TV stations, including ABC, NBC and CBS O&Os, also agreed to pay the affiliate associations $100 million.

One catch: EchoStar said it still hasn’t reached a settlement with Fox Stations Group. “EchoStar had hoped and expected to resolve the dispute with all remaining litigants, but late last week Fox Network declined EchoStar’s universal settlement offer and pulled out of the discussions. Consequently, litigation with approximately 25 Fox owned-and-operated stations continues. Though unlikely, it is possible Fox's last minute tactic could derail the entire settlement and force EchoStar to seek legislation to protect its subscribers from disruption,” EchoStar said in a prepared statement Monday.