To The Editor: Gun Control Isnt a Perfect Solution


To the Editor:

A quick comment on the editorial that was associated with
the interview of Mr. Saban and Mr. Cronin of Fox Family Channel (Multichannel News,
June 7).

For your information, the worst school massacre on record
took place in Bath, Mich., in 1927, when a school-board member using dynamite killed 45
people. The killer was identified as a "maniac."

This and numerous other pre-television, pre-Internet,
pre-Doom grim pieces of history have faded into the mists of time. The past has a rosier
glow than it deserves, possibly with help from Fox.

I'm willing to wager that on any given day, somewhere
in the United States, a young person is involved in some kind of disaster or tragedy
involving a gun. It's also a sure bet that no parental supervision was in progress
during these tragedies and disasters.

The problem with abridging traditional rights such as gun
ownership for the good of society is that it opens the door toward higher levels of
socialism and less individual responsibility.

More socialism might lead to more regulation of the
electronic media and its content. Then Mr. Saban will have fewer difficult programming
decisions to make.

Alan Stendal