Eero Adds WiFi Smarts

Rolls out ‘TrueMesh,’ tacks on set of Alexa Skills
eero devices.jpg

Eero, a company that specializes in whole-home WiFi products and software, is rolling out a series of new features and enhancements.

Among them is TrueMesh, a software update that aims to improve eero’s mesh routing algorithms to dynamically find the best route to pass data through a network and avoid interference. The company claims that the update, which it started to deploy to access points last week, could produce up to two times the LAN speed (the speed between eero devices) and allows users to expand the number of eero devices making up their in-home WiFi network.

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Eero also added three “Skills” for Alexa, Amazon’s smart home hub, including a way to find misplaced devices (such as a smartphone or laptop) in the home, and a way to turn off the LED light on an eero access point. The eero platform also supports a Family Profiles element that enables users to “pause the Internet” during dinner or other “family moments.”

The company this week is also adding more in-app features, including tips on how to boost WiFi performance via device placement suggestions.

Eero has initially sold its wares at retail (a three-pack runs $499), but is also pursuing deals with cable operators and other ISPs that are looking to add whole-home systems to their service repertoire.  

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“This is the most significant product update we’ve shipped since we launched eero nine months ago,” Nick Weaver, eero’s co-founder and CEO, said in a statement. “By redesigning eero’s mesh technology from the ground up with TrueMesh, we can now better utilize the capabilities of eero hardware, increase network speeds, and make eero even more resilient. With TrueMesh eero will continue to raise the standard for home WiFi.”