Egg on Trio's Face


Trio has acquired 46 episodes of Egg, and it will unscramble the PBS
performance and visual-arts series for its viewers with a marathon on Easter

The "A Dozen Eggs Marathon" will showcase 12 of the half-hour episodes (and
encore editions) over a 19-hour period, beginning April 20 at 8 a.m. The series
will then begin airing daily on April 21 in various time slots on the network,
according to president Lauren Zalaznick.

Egg was created by Jeff Folmsbee and Mark Mannucci, who serve as
executive producer and producer, respectively, for Channel Thirteen/WNET

Folmsbee will host the Trio marathon, which will feature installments with
the following themes: "How to Be Happy," "The Desert," "Made in the USA,"
"What's the Big Idea," "Close to Home," "Art. Who Needs It?," "Working Dancers,"
"Who Am I?," "Ideal Woman," "Men Have Feelings Too," "Giving Up the Ghost" and
"Eat Me."

"This series is a perfect fit for Trio's pop-culture and arts mandate,"
Zalaznick said in a prepared statement. "Egg makes people excited about
the art they find all around them every day."