Eight Is Great for Cable Animators


Eight animators who toil in cable will be able to enjoy stress-free attendance at the Sept. 11 Creative Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, as they have already been notified that they won their awards.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced 10 award winners Aug. 17 -- those who were selected by peer juries, rather than by a vote of the membership.

All of the animation winners were from Cartoon Network (six awards), Home Box Office and Nickelodeon (one each).

The Cartoon winners are art director Mike Moon, character designer Craig McCracken and storyboard artist Ed Baker for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends; background key designer Frederick Gardner for The Powerpuff Girls; storyboard artist Bryan Andrews for Samurai Jack;and Justin Thompson, background key designer for Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 2.

Animator Barbara Wierzchowska is honored for a segment of HBO's Classical Baby program, and the character designer for Nick’s The Fairly OddParents,Gordon Hammond, was also named a winner.

Also announced were the winners of the categories for outstanding costumes in a variety or music program (Wendy Benbrook and Wanda Leavey for Fox’s MADtv) and outstanding voice-over performer (Keith David, narrator of PBS' Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson).