Eight Years Ago, Still True Today


To the Editor:

The letter below was published in Multichannel News about eight years ago. Given Time Warner's recent skirmish with Disney, I think it deserves an encore.

I watched our customer-service professionals conduct themselves with dignity and excellence above and beyond the call of duty during the difficult time when our ABC affiliate was off the air.

If any of the corporate suits out there think these good folks have an easy job, I would challenge them to strap on a headset and step right up.

David Dockery

Cash-Management Representative

Time Warner Communications

How to Be a Successful CSR-It's Really Trying'

To the Editor:

Please accept this letter of tribute to CSRs everywhere for publication consideration.

Dave Dockery (ex-CSR)

MIS Representative

Paragon Cable

I humbly, and with tongue planted firmly in cheek, submit the ideal qualifications for a customer-service representative.

No offense intended to the powers that be.

As a CSR, you must:

  • Be able to explain billing statements under pressure even though they're about as easy to read as a Savings and Loan audit report;
  • Remain calm and cheerful while being screamed at by a drooling, irate blast furnace calling you everything but a child of God;
  • Assure customers that your cable system was not built by Satan using chicken wire and old erector sets and, yes, all systems go haywire while experiencing sunspots of biblical proportions;
  • Firmly encourage customers to pay their bills promptly in spite of the fact that they've been laid off and their wife just left town with all of the money; and
  • Try to keep a straight face while the new management team explains the real way to run a cable company, knowing full well that six months from now, the whole regime will blow out of town like a hot Texas wind.
  • CSRs are survivors, and I love them all.