Eileen O’Neill


GM, Discovery Health and Fit TV

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: After serving on interim basis for eight months, O’Neill was named general manager of Discovery Health in October 2004. Eleven months later, as part of a restructuring that centralized production across Discovery Networks U.S., O’Neill was named to lead Fit TV as well. How will she achieve balance to make both networks grow?

HIGH ’05s: “There was strong ratings growth for Discovery Health Channel in 2005 as the network achieved its best first, second, third and fourth quarters deliveries with households, persons, men, women 18 to 49 and 25 to 54. The network aired its highest rated show on Nov. 13: Half Ton Man hit the 1.0 coverage rating mark. Discovery Health Channel delivered on “TV That Matters” with 380,000 participating in the “National Body Challenge” and covering 45 births live in third annual Birth Day Live."

PICKS IN 06: “We need to continue the ratings growth for Discovery Health Channel, building out our strengths in high-quality storytelling and broadening the network’s lineup with more playful and information-based programming. Other goals include developing ways to create unique value for advertisers and launch new businesses and create parternships that leverage the network’s brand and content. We also have to optimize Fit TV’s potential for viewers and consumers.”

MY TIME: “I treasure time with my family and I go out of my way to keep weekends as open as possible for them. Seeing the world from a 5-year-old’s perspective is a joy, even if I have to chuckle at the oft-repeated 'knock, knock’ joke.”