Eisner Paid Well in 2005


Former The Walt Disney Co. CEO Michael Eisner received $10.1 million in compensation in 2005, including a $9.1 million cash bonus, AP reported, citing the company’s annual proxy statement, filed Wednesday.

Current CEO Robert Iger, who took the post Oct. 1, received total compensation of $9.7 million in 2005, including a cash bonus of $7.7 million, and he will be paid an annual salary of $2 million, plus a cash bonus, in his new role, according to AP.

AP added that Eisner was also paid an additional $1 million -- the salary he would have received if he had served through the end of his contract, which would have expired this October. He will also continue to receive an annual bonus of $7.5 million through 2008, in accordance with the terms of his employment agreement, according to AP.

The bonus -- payable for 24 months after Eisner’s contract would have ended -- will only be paid for 12 months if he takes a job "with another major entertainment company other than as an independent producer within 12 months after the conclusion of his employment,” AP reported. CNBC recently hired Eisner to host a talk show.