Election $mackdown


WASHINGTON — One way to
boost political ad spending on
broadcast and cable TV could
be to put up more candidates
from the television industry.

The biggest spender by
far among all candidates this
election season in the House
or Senate is Connecticut
Republican Linda McMahon,
the former World Wrestling
Entertainment CEO running
for the seat of the retiring
Sen. Christopher Dodd, a

As of Sept. 27, the most
recent numbers available
from the Federal Election
Commission, McMahon had
spent $21,349,619 — all of it her
own money.

She has said she doesn’t
want to take any special
interest money and is self financing her campaign.
McMahon has even returned $6
from two individuals who tried
to contribute, according to FEC

McMahon’s total take is more
than twice the amount spent
by the next-biggest spender in
the 2010 campaign, incumbent
Republican Scott Brown of
Massachusetts, at $10,469,679.

McMahon resigned her WWE
post a year ago to throw her
hat, rather than, say, a chair,
into the ring.

She reportedly has pledged
to spend up to $50 million on
the campaign. Polls indicate
it’s paying off . Rasmussen and
Quinnipiac polls (as of Sept.
26) put her within 3%-5% of
her Democratic opponent,
state Attorney General Richard
Blumenthal. “He’s now in real
danger of losing this race,”
website Realclearpolitics.com
said in its latest race analysis.