Ellison Attacks Microsoft on Boxes

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Washington -- Oracle Corp. chairman and CEO Lawrence J.
Ellison last Thursday accused software-industry rival Microsoft Corp. of making strategic
investments to monopolize various access points to the Internet, including cable set-top

Ellison, who runs a $7 billion global software and
information-technology company, made his charges in written testimony submitted to the
Senate Judiciary Committee. Ellison also appeared in person before the panel, headed by
Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah).

Ellison said Microsoft intended "to take control of
the set-top box" and digital TV through Windows CE. He added that the strategy was
obvious based on Microsoft's $1 billion investment in Comcast Corp., its $425 million
purchase of WebTV Networks and its $212 million investment in the Road Runner high-speed
Internet-access service.

A few weeks ago, Hatch referred to the same Microsoft
investments in raising questions about the company's relationships with the cable