Emmys Let E! Share Star Power


E!Entertainment Television will once again roll out the red carpet for affiliates supporting its annual Live from the Red Carpet specials, preceding the Sept. 21 Emmy Awards.

The "E! Emmy Extravaganza" affiliate cross-channel incentive campaign offered "Grand Incentive Trips" for two to seven affiliates, drawn at random, to the Emmy ceremonies in Los Angeles — including a stroll on the red carpet, three-night hotel accommodations and spending money. E! also gave away a Bose Wave Radio to the 200-plus operators signing up for its promotion.

E!'s peripheral Emmy and Academy Award live red-carpet specials are "our Super Bowls every year," delivering the year's strongest ratings, senior vice president of affiliate sales Brad Fox said.

Director of affiliate sales Danielle Kaplan said ad-sales participants who've committed heavy cross-channel rotation in the week before the Emmy telecasts include: BrightHouse Networks in Birmingham, Ala.; Charter Media in Parkersburg, W. Va.; Comcast Ad Sales in 10 markets, including Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, San Francisco and Detroit; Insight Communications Co. in Springfield/Decatur, Ill.; Mediacom Communications Corp. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and Time Warner Cable systems in Cincinnati,
Milwaukee and New York.

The top 20 interconnects all are involved in the tie-in local ad-sales effort, Fox added.

Adlink director of strategic marketing Maureen Bennett said that E! supplied two different 30-second tune-in promos, one a "brought to you by" spot with a 10-second tag and the other a "branding" spot offering 15 seconds for sponsor use. A Mercedes-Benz
dealership bought the sponsor spot from the Los Angeles interconnect, while a Lincoln dealership bought the branding spot, she said, adding the promos will begin running Monday Sept. 1.

Among other tips, E! sent affiliates a list of national advertisers tied to the Emmy coverage, including General Motors Corp., Procter & Gamble Co. and Revlon Inc.

Fox Network's live primetime Emmy tele
cast begins at 8 p.m. Sept. 21. E! kicks off daylong Emmy coverage at noon with Countdown to the Red Carpet: The 2003 Emmy Awards, until 6 p.m. Then comes Live from the Red Carpet, with Joan and Melissa Rivers, until 8 p.m. Post-show coverage runs from 1
1 p.m. to 1 a.m.