Emmys by the Numbers

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1: emmy is the only publication that reaches the entire voting
membership of the Academy.

5: The number of “stunning stars” featured in emmy magazine’s
“10 Out of 10,” in June who were later honored with
a nomination, including Idris Elba, star of BBC America’s
Luther, a best actor contender for the role for which he was
nominated last year.

6: The total number of slots ATAS will have next year to
accommodate more nominees. However according to Alan
Perris, don’t expect there ever to be 10 slots, like the Oscars.

11: The most nominations ever honored for Web series — and
next year promises to see even more digital entries.

50/50: Represents the near-even split of nominations for
cable and non-cable networks this year. Although there are
hundreds more cable networks, PBS and the five broadcast
networks can still hold their own, receiving 243 nominations to
cable’s 259 nominations.

81: The number of primetime Emmy nominations received by
HBO — the most of any network this year.

The year the Academy streamlines the screener submissions.
Networks will have to think eco-friendly and send just
DVDs. No more big-box packages, gimmicks or extras.

5,000: The approximate total of individual entries this year.
Still, only one in each category will walk away with the award.