AT THE EMMYS: Piven Found Third Emmy's a Charm


Jeremy Piven said his third consecutive best supporting comedy actor was more surprising than his first win.

“The show is just getting better,” he said, stating the brilliance of HBO is that it sticks with its shows. The characters on Entourage are just getting better, he added. When someone asked whether the other guys in the ensemble in the show would be jealous of Piven’s awards success, the actor said his fellow actors “understand that another man’s success will never take away from their own.”

A reporter mentioned that Piven needs two more wins to eclipse the record in the category set by actor Don Knotts.

“That’s all I’m focused on,” he joked. “I wake up every morning thinking. “When am I going to take Don Knotts down.”

He ended on an emotional note. As he finished on the TV stage, he had hoisted his Emmy to the sky. He was asked if he had done that in honor of his late father, and Piven became verklempft and could not answer verbally.