Encoding.com Seeds Cloud Service For Premium Online HD Video


Encoding.com, a startup that provides cloud-based media processing services, is launching the EDC Private Cloud designed for long-form, HD video content from Hollywood studios, TV programmers and sports content providers.

In addition, Encoding.com announced it has raised $1.5 million in additional capital from existing investors Metamorphic Ventures and angel investors including Simulmedia CEO Dave Morgan and three Rackspace executives: chairman and co-founder Graham Weston, co-founder Patrick Condon and chief technology officer John Engates. The funding brings the San Francisco-based startup, founded in 2008, to about $4.5 million raised to date.

The EDC Private Cloud provides high capacity and rapid video processing at what Encoding.com claims is "market-disruptive pricing." The company said studios, broadcasters and video-on-demand providers can use the private cloud service to offload, automate and scale their video transcoding and packaging systems to reach multiple target platforms, including Web browsers, mobile devices, smart TVs and set-top boxes.

Encoding.com is positioning the EDC Private Cloud service as a cost-effective alternative to traditional media post-production houses. Other potential competitors include Akamai Technologies, which just launched a suite of cloud-based services for Internet-video delivery under the new brand name Sola -- spanning ingest, transcoding, workflow and delivery -- designed to run on top of its worldwide CDN infrastructure.

"For Hollywood content suppliers, the challenges of moving and processing high-value, extremely large digital assets through the cloud have previously been insurmountable -- it took too long or was too expensive," Encoding.com president Jeff Malkin said. "With the EDC Private Cloud, all premium content providers can now realize the benefit of extremely fast and secure processing in a highly elastic cloud model."

Features of the EDC Private Cloud platform features include: secure file ingest, transcoding and muxing, adaptive bit-rate packaging, Surround Sound encoding, support for Google's Widevine digital rights management technology and UltraViolet support. The service incorporates technology from other partners including Aspera and Dolby Laboratories.

Encoding.com said it began working with EDC Private Cloud beta customers earlier this year. Midwest Tape, a distributor of DVDs, CDs and audiobooks to public libraries, has partnered with Encoding.com to launch a new VOD service later this year.