Encore Adds News Show to Mix


Hollywood has always been big business. Now, Encore is betting that viewers will be interested in a new series about the business of making movies.

On May 4, the premium service will unveil CineNews, an original, weekly half-hour show that's trained on providing in-depth information and updates about the film industry.

Encore editions, set for Monday at 5:30 p.m., follow the Sunday-morning premieres. CineNews
is produced by Entertainment News Service, the subsidiary of Popular Arts Entertainment, the longtime interstitial supplier to Encore.

CineNews will come out of the gate by previewing the upcoming summer season.

Vice president of on-air promotion Emillio Mata believes the show will resonate strongly with Encore viewers.

"Our audience eats, drinks and sleeps movies," he said. "This is not the quick take you see on Entertainment Tonight
or Access Hollywood. This is information, the nitty-gritty of Hollywood, that our viewers are interested in."

Mata, who declined to specify the show's budget, said Encore has made an initial one-year commitment to the series.

Segments include: "Casting News," which follows the signings of actors, directors and writers for projects; "Production News," detailing films in their various life stages; "Business News," a look at studio news, distribution and marketing strategies; and "Critics Across The Country," which offers reviews.

There will also be on-the-set interviews with actors, directors, producers and behind-scenes footage and clips that go beyond sound bites and trailers, said Mata.

All told, CineNews
is developing eight different segments. The program would rotate the different elements on a week-to-week basis, depending on the quality of information.

will take a hard look at the movie business and will not be a table-setter for upcoming theatricals slated to run on Encore, sister network Starz! or other multiplexes, Mata emphasized.

"This is not a cross-promotional tool. The emphasis would be on Rush Hour 3, not that its predecessors could be running on our air," he said.

While Starz! has backed away from original films and has never entered the original scripted-series realm, Mata said CineNews
underlines Starz Encore Group LLC's commitment to flanking film fare with movie-specific shows like The Directors
(Encore), Festival Pass with Chris Gore
(Starz Cinema), Peep This with Reggie McDonald
(Black Starz!) and Fred Movie News

On The Set, 15-minute previews and behind-the-scenes looks at theatricals from the programmer's output partners, runs on all 12 Starz Encore nets.