Untitled Document• The Big Picture• Men and Women• Kids Under 18• Young Adults, 18-34• Media Usage, By Age (PDF)• Adults, 35-49• Adults, 50+• Top Networks (PDF) • Ethnic GroupsWho’s Watching What, When and How Multiplatform strategies may have become
the new mantra of the television
industry. But what do viewers really
feel about all this? How are they accessing
video on different platforms?
Which groups are leading the charge into the digital
age? And, what does changing media use mean
for the TV industry?
To answer those questions, Multichannel News
has devoted this issue to examining the changing
patterns of video usage and exploring how those
trends will impact the cable industry in 2007 and
This special report — based on nearly 50 interviews
with operators and programmers, as well as
research and data culled from scores of studies —
is broken down by demographic groups, with stories
and data focusing on the habits of each age
group. That outline follows the general fact that
there are some broad demographic differences
in the way video is accessed and consumed, with
younger demos more rapidly adopting new technologies.
But as the data and the accompanying articles
show, simple generalizations about digital age or
gender gaps are perilous. On closer inspection,
many commonly held perceptions don’t hold up.
For example, the use of newer delivery platforms
to watch video doesn’t seem to have hurt TV viewing,
which is reaching record levels, indicating
that the spread of on-demand technologies have
actually strengthened linear TV, traditional schedule-
based television.
In compiling this report, we are particularly
indebted to the many research companies, programmers
and operators who generously provided
us with scores of research reports and set aside
time to discuss these issues.
Those who provided data include the Cable
Advertising Bureau, Comcast, the Cable & Telecommunications
Association for Marketing, Fox,
Forrester Research, Horowitz Associates, Knowledge
Networks/SRI, Logo, mun2, Magna Global,
Nielsen Media Research, Nickelodeon, Rentrak
and TV Land.
We would particularly like to thank Fox and the
CAB for running some ratings data and Horowitz
Associates, which was extremely generous
with data from its surveys of the broadband video
--The Editors Multichannel News contributor George Winslow compiled the data, conducted the interviews and wrote the articles for this issue.© 2006 Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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