Engagement On For Online Games: MTVN Study


When it comes to online casual games, participants of all ages find them to be both physically and emotionally engaging, according to a new study by MTV Networks.

For the “An Exploration of Online Casual Gaming” study, MTVN interviewed 3,520 gamers from five different demographic groups, ages 8 to 60: Kids and Tweens, Teens, Young Adults, Adults and Boomers.

Each group offered a different reason for their attachment to online causal games, falling under the following classifications: time filler, rechargers, virtual me, gaming enthusiasts, guilty pleasurists, and average Joe wannabees.  

The study showed that moms use games as a way to escape their stress and relax, while dads participate as a test of their competitive side and to recharge themselves. Kids, on the other hand, participate in games that can’t become reality, while Boomers say they like their challenging aspects and because they keep their minds sharp. The study found that online gamers share their experiences and favorite game with 49% of those surveyed claiming they find gaming sites through a friend.

“Whether its competition, aspiration or relaxation, online casual games often serve necessary emotional and physical functions for gamers, making these games more ‘crucial’  than ‘casual’ for those who play most,” said Colleen Fahey Rush, MTVN executive vice president of research, in a statement. “While the reasons for playing vary among age group, it’s clear that online casual games play an important and often essential part in the lives of gamers.”   

Added Dave Williams, senior vice president and general manager, Nickelodeon Kids and Family Games Group: “The study proves that conventional wisdom around who plays online casual games doesn’t match the new reality. Casual games continue to gain broader appeal across demos and as a result, the opportunity to serve more audiences and capture more value from these games is greater than ever before.”