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Interactive TV: Create

Without the right tools, designing and developing interactive TV experiences is complex and rife with technical hurdles. Engineering expertise is required, making development expensive and slow. Multiple distributors’ middleware and user agent platforms must be navigated, often requiring separate versions of iTV experiences for every platform. Complexity increases with the need for testing and simulating prior to deployment. Ensequence Create™ is the only software on the market that reduces this complexity by combining technical power with a visual environment that enables the creation and simulation of a wide range of interactive TV experiences.

Multi-platform support. Allows the creation of applications for a variety of distribution platforms that provide the best possible experience for each. WYSIWYG layout view. Quick design creation is made possible by the highly visual drag-and-drop WYSIWYG layout view. Creative software integration. Enables a rapid cycle of design, prototyping and development by integrating with tools like Adobe Photoshop. Powerful scripting capabilities. Technical developers are empowered to leverage the complete power of the underlying platform. iTV experience simulator. Recreates a distributor’s broadcast environment -- even their unique remote controls. Stand-alone Player. Facilitates multi-enterprise and location collaborative review between creative and technical teams.