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Interactive TV: iTV Manager

Managing workflow and project lifecycles is hugely complex—especially when delivering iTV across dozens of networks, hundreds of programs and thousands of TV ads, plus securing input and approvals from key stakeholders at every step along the way. Ensequence iTV Manager™ mitigates the complexity of creating and deploying interactive TV experiences in the context of a complex, multi-enterprise workflow. From template creation and re-versioning, to scheduling, play-out and live application updating, Ensequence iTV Manager provides a comprehensive solution that elegantly scales the volume of iTV experiences and audience reach. iTV Manager is a web-based solution that displays only the information that a particular user needs to do their job – no engineering required.

Powerful workflow engine for every stage of the interactive television experience lifecycle. Ensequence removes technical hurdles and enables a significantly larger iTV ecosystem. Flexible, browser-based client interface. Uses Microsoft Silverlight technology to provide access to all of iTV Manager’s capabilities from within Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers on Macs and Windows PCs. Powerful and scalable template system for the rapid creation of iTV experiences. Allows for the creation of master templates that can be certified and used to enable thousands of unique interactive experiences that can be assured to run properly across multiple operators. Easy-to-use user interface designed for both technical and creative users.Displays only the information that a particular user needs to do their job - no engineering required. Dynamic application previews, step-by-step wizards and customized workflows make creation and deployment simple. Familiar and robust EPG-style scheduling interface for the easy deployment of iTV experiences. Gives users at-a-glance view of full iTV schedule making it easy to schedule applications for playout across multiple channels and operators. Integration with key CableLabs standards including ETV-BIF, IAM/IAF/SMSI messaging protocols, CoDF application definitions and CIP. Provides a turnkey solution for the creation and deployment of a targeted iTV experience within a Canoe-compatible campaign. Easy translation of internet data feeds to iTV-compatible updates. Brings web services to interactive television through the data feed translator. Make use of standard XML feeds like RSS to keep applications up to date with a variety of dynamic data and graphics.