Ensequence Updates Interactive TV Platform For 'Second Screens'


Ensequence has integrated audio-detection capabilities into its iTV Manager interactive-television platform, to let programmers and advertisers sync up content on the TV with smartphone and tablet apps.

Using Ensequence's network-based software, content owners can incorporate automatic content recognition (ACR) capabilities into their apps for Apple iOS and Android devices. By "listening" to what's on TV, the apps can serve up related content or ads on tablets and smartphones. 

Ensequence has integrated with several ACR providers, including Zeitera and Civolution, and the company said it will work with any ACR provider that customers select.

"We know that consumers aren't always engaged with content that is directly related to shows and commercials when they are on their tablets and smartphones while they watch TV -- they are on e-mail, surfing for unrelated content and on social networking sites," Ensequence president and CEO Peter Low said in a statement. "With the latest update to our interactive platform, we're delivering deeply engaging show and advertising-related content to consumers' tablets and smartphones that is synced up with what consumers are watching on their TVs."

Ensequence's iTV Manager Programmer Edition provides tools to create, manage and deploy branded, video-rich experiences across cable, satellite and telco TV services as well as connected devices.

The New York-based company's include NBCUniversal, MTV Networks, Showtime Networks, Turner Broadcasting, HBO, QVC, WE tv, MSG, Fuse, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Canoe Ventures, Dish Network and Verizon Communications.