Entone Launches FusionTV

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Entone has launched a managed service FusionTV that provides telcos with the ability to provide with linear high- definition television blended with over the top online content.
The offering is designed to appeal to consumers are unhappy with the costs and content offerings of traditional pay TV services.

In marketing the service, Entone is targeting telcos who would like to deliver a wide array of video services with their broadband internet service without the cost of deploying a full-scale IPTV system, as well as telcos that have launched an IPTV service but would like to add more web content and features.

The system is set up so that consumers would have access to linear HD television through local broadcasters and a wide array online content, including video on demand, movie, music streaming, photo sharing social media and other popular web services. It also includes an electronic program guide and Entone's media hub, which has DVR capabilities and provides users with the ability to share media over a home network.