Entropic Delivers 'Golden Nodes' For MoCA Testing

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Semiconductor company Entropic Communications announced it is providing Ethernet-to-coax bridges for certification testing of the Multimedia over Coax Alliance's version 1.1 specification for in-home networking to National Technical Systems (NTS).

MoCA members include Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, DirecTV, Verizon Communications, Cisco Systems and Motorola.

Entropic's EN2210/EN1010 chips received “golden node” certification by MoCA’s board of directors earlier this month. That means the chips represent a superset of MoCA 1.1 functionality and will be used to certify the next generation of MoCA-compliant devices.

The “golden nodes” will be released to MoCA members under a licensing agreement with Entropic for product certification testing at NTS.

“We are proud to leverage our advanced home networking chips to ensure future products are high performing and backward compatible,'' Entropic vice president of marketing John Graham said, in a statement. “We look forward to working with our OEM [original equipment manufacturer] partners to bring products with MoCA 1.1 functionality to market.”

MoCA 1.1 provides up to 175 Megabits per second throughput to as many as 16 nodes over existing in-home coaxial cable.