Epix Survey: Multiplatform Viewing Reflects Mass Market Behavior

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Multiplatform entertainment service Epix says multiplatform movie viewing has reached mass market, according to the results of a consumer survey the company conducted.

Two-thirds of subscribers to the service report viewing movies online, while 59% say they view entertainment programming on linear TV, on-demand and online.

The survey also looked at what viewers expect out of a multiplatform service in addition to those viewers behaviors. Seventy-five percent of respondents said multiplatform availability for movie content was an important attribute. Forty-five percent ranked it as the second most valuable feature (first was access to hi-def programming). The third most important attribute, according to consumers, was the ability to watch content on their own schedule.

On-demand is Epix users' preferred method of viewing (43%), while 39% chose linear TV and 19% preferring online.

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