ESPN Adds ‘MultiCast’ to its Apple TV App

Lets viewers watch up to four live streams at the same time
espn tvos multifeed.jpg

ESPN said it has launched a tvOS MultiCast feature for its Apple TV app that lets users watch up to four live simultaneous streams.

ESPN, which introduced the feature ahead of football season and the U.S. Open, is billing it as a “second screen experience, all on one screen.”

Users can click the “Watch” button to go full-screen, or press and hold it to enter MultiCast mode, where users can scroll and pick from up to 30-plus live events. Users can watch up to four live feeds using five different layouts.

The video below shows the new MultiCast feature in action.

While MultiCast showcases the capabilities of Apple TV, it’s just one recent example of a platform that can display multiple TV feeds at the same time. 

For example, Dish Network last year introduced “Sports Bar Mode,” a multiview option for the pay TV provider’s 4K-capable Hopper 3 DVR that allows users to watch up to four live TV feeds.