ESPN Deportes Pre-Upfront Meetings Are a Wrap


Spanish-language sports channel ESPN Deportes this week
wrapped up a series of pre-upfront meetings with clients and agencies in four
key Hispanic markets: New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago.

These meetings served as an opportunity to speak directly
with clients and agencies about ESPN Deportes' crossover opportunities and
share some of the latest data and research about sports and the ESPN fan,
network executives said.

 "We wanted to make
them short, sweet and lively," says ESPN Deportes GM Lino Garcia, who spoke
with Hispanic TV Update from Chicago, where the last presentation took place
this week and featured a panel with brand marketers and Hispanic media buyers.

The presentations featured highlights from ESPN's "2050 Study,"
a look at what the network thinks sports  - and sports fans - will be like in 2050. The
researchis not limited to ESPN Deportes or the Hispanic fan, , Garcia said, but
is rather an ESPN-wide initiative.

The four meetings attracted a series of blue-chip companiesincluding
Home Depot, Procter & Gamble, Toyota and Burger King; as well as such media
buyers as Tapestry in Chicago and Zubi Advertising in Miami. They also featured
some of ESPN Deportes' on-air talent, including Jorge Ramos, Bernardo Osuna and
Fernando Palomo.

García stressed that the meetings were purely informational
and the purpose was not to sell, nor to present new programming. The network
will unveil its new programming at its May 15 upfront presentation in New York.