ESPN Futbol Announcers Star in Video Game

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When Hispanic gamers turn on the
latest soccer video game by Electronic Arts, they will be met by a familiar set
of voices passionately narrating their favorite game in their own language.

ESPN Deportes soccer commentators
Fernando Palomo, Mario Kempes and Ciro Procuna have signed on as the
Spanish-language voices of FIFA 13,
EA's latest game in the soccer series, to be released later this year.

The move was announced earlier
this month in Mexico City.

Palomo, a play-by-play announcer
and host of Fuera de Juego, said he was excited to take part in the game.
"I tried to record every sentence with the same level of energy and tenacity as
an actual soccer match," he said in a statement.

Prior to the ESPN Deportes deal,
EA's Spanish-language FIFA games had been voiced by Mexican commentator Enrique
"El Perro" Bermudez, who took to Twitter to thank the company for many years
and bid goodbye to his followers.

"I'd like to thank EA for all
those years [...] oh, and by the way, FIFA 12 became the best-selling video game
in the history of video games," Bermudez wrote.