ESPN Improves `Bottom Line'


Find yourself frustrated at waiting to see your favorite team's score roll by
on ESPN's 'Bottom Line,' only to have the scroll interrupted by a commercial and
then return to a different place in the cycle?

Well, viewers won't have to grouse about missing the sequence any more, as
the total sports network has adjusted the scroll. Running on ESPN, ESPN2 and
ESPNews, after each commercial break, the Bottom Line now picks up in the exact
place where it left off prior to the spot.

'We wanted to respond to viewer feedback, which cited the old Bottom Line
system as a source of frustration,' ESPN vice president and director of new
media Vince Doria said in a prepared statement. 'Fans recognize that breaks are
part of every program, but this change will eliminate the impact of those breaks
on the Bottom Line, leading to a more viewer-friendly way of delivering the