ESPN Strikes Out with Fantasy-Baseball Game


ESPN will offer refunds to its paying fantasy-baseball subscribers due to a data-processing glitch that has plagued fantasy-team rosters.

ESPN spokesman Paul Melvin would not confirm how many subscribers will receive refunds of approximately $30 per team due to the glitch, which caused daily player and team data to be processed incorrectly and at incorrect times.

In fantasy baseball, players draft Major League Baseball players and accumulate points based on several categories including batting average, runs scored and wins.

The network has been communicating with players about the problems both on the site and via e-mails for the past week. In an online post Wednesday to fantasy-baseball subscribers, ESPN said it would have the service up and running by Thursday, but it would revert all teams back to their April 1 opening rosters and void all transactions, trades and waiver-wire pickups to date.

“We apologize, wholeheartedly, to players who have had a frustrating experience to start the season, and we have been working day and night on the problems to resolve them in a way that is quick and takes every step to prevent any recurrence,” Melvin said.