ESPN2’s Pizza Delivery Delayed


The launch of ESPN2's new live morning show, Cold Pizza, has been
delayed until Monday, Oct. 20.

The weekday series -- live from New York and aspiring to serve as an
alternative to other live morning-show programming -- was originally scheduled
for an Oct. 1 debut.

Cold Pizza will air Monday-Friday from 7 a.m.-9 a.m. EST (reairs from 9
a.m.-11 a.m.) and will offer a unique treatment of sports with a heavy dose of
pop-culture, entertainment and lifestyle features.

"We had established an aggressive timetable to launch the kind of show we
envision," said Jim Cohen, ESPN vice president of programming and production and
the show's executive producer, in a prepared statement.

"Rescheduling to Oct. 20 still allows us to meet our two primary objectives
-- serving our viewers with a morning show unlike any other and helping to
celebrate ESPN2's 10th anniversary," he added.