ESPNU Puts Its Own Twist on Work Study Programs


ESPNU wants to get closer to campus life. The college sports-focused network will soon select 10 interns that will spend this summer working at ESPN’s Bristol, Conn., headquarters, before returning to their schools in the fall to engage in promotional and editorial activities.

“ESPNU Campus Connection” will host one student from Alabama A&M, Howard University, Morehouse College, the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), Northwestern, Penn State, the University of Southern California, Southern University, Texas Southern University and the University of Virginia (Charlottesville).

Burke Magnus, vice president and general manager of ESPNU, said that the interns will be assigned to work at a department at ESPN, and also be schooled at coordinating on-campus promotional contests and hospitality events. Moreover, the interns will provide editorial feedback.

“If a team is having a good year, or a coach gets fired, we’d like to get reaction,” said Magnus, noting the interns could contribute in the form of blogs on, on-air segments or reports on broadband service ESPN 360.