Ethnic Fare Could Drive Urban Upgrades

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Urban consumers want to see more ethnic-oriented programming on television,
according to results of the 'State of Broadband Markets III' study released
Wednesday by Horowitz Associates Inc.

Although digital-cable penetration in urban markets mirrors that of the
national population, penetration is lower among urban Asians and
Spanish-dominant Hispanics, the research firm said in a press release.

Of those polled, 78 percent of African Americans said it was important to
have dedicated channels targeted to them, 75 percent of Hispanics said it was
important to receive Spanish networks and 51 percent of Asians said it was
important to have programming oriented to Asian Americans.

'These new urban-market consumers are sending a clear signal to cable
operators and content providers that to succeed in the new media marketplace,
they must develop services and content for multicultural markets,' said Alisse
Waterston, president of Horowitz division Surveys Unlimited.

'Ultimately, the interaction of the established media brands with new
urban-oriented programming and entertainment concepts will define the new media
landscape,' she added.