Eureka! Sci Fi Has Visions for Tomorrow


There will be Eurekamoments in the series of the same name, which are eco-friendly plot lines to coincide with Sci Fi Channel’s Visions for Tomorrowpublic-affairs campaign.

The network will also sponsor a sweepstakes, the Eureka $mart House Energy-Efficiency Challenge. The winner will get a home energy-efficiency makeover.

To support the campaign, plot elements such as student projects to harness the sun's energy, waste reduction and the impacts of global warning have been integrated into stories in the upcoming season, which begins July 10. These Eureka Moments will be highlighted with in-show banners that will direct viewers to a Web site where they can get information on the Alliance to Save Energy, a partner in the public-affairs program. The site will also provide easy and affordable tips on environmentally friendly practices that will save consumers money every month.