Event PPV Revenues Dip in 1Q


With fewer events, the pay-per-view industry sustained a marginal revenue
falloff during the first quarter.

PPV-event revenue declined 4 percent as 23 events generated $62.7 million,
down from the $65.1 million amassed by 26 events in the initial 2000 period,
according to a study released by Showtime Event Television.

SET's industry-event summary indicated that first-quarter revenues were
consistent with prior-year periods save for the record-setting performance of
first-quarter 1999, when the industry benefited from a trio of fights: Mike
Tyson/ Franz Botha (SET), Oscar De La Hoya/Ike Quartey (TVKO) and the first
title tilt between Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield (TVKO). Additionally,
World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc.'s WrestleMania XV fell in
the first quarter of that year.

The top two events during the most recently completed quarter were the
WWF's Royal Rumble Jan. 21 and No Way Out Feb. 25. The 11
wrestling events in the quarter produced some $52.4 million, up 8 percent from
first-quarter 2000. The wrestling events accounted for 84 percent of total event
revenue in the period.

There was only one boxing match in the period, John Ruiz's heavyweight-title
triumph over Holyfield March 3. SET's Ruiz/Holyfield II punched up nearly $7.5
million, representing 12 percent of industry revenues. The boxing segment was
down 29 percent, however, from the year-earlier quarter.

The leading generator among the 'other events' segment was SET's Drew
Carey's Improv All-Stars
Jan. 27. This segment registered a 71 percent jump
to $2.29 million despite offering only 10 shows versus 14 the year