Everstream to Dig Into Broadband Metrics


Everstream is turning up a service that will collect data from cable-modem-termination systems with the promise of letting operators analyze Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification metrics in all their gory detail.

The company’s Capacity Intelligence for High Speed Data (CAPi for HSD) service measures and reports on bandwidth utilization for all data and voice packets traversing DOCSIS-based networks. The service can analyze bandwidth usage across data, voice and broadband-video services and applications and can segment data by subscriber group, service-class name and CMTS.

Everstream vice president of marketing and business development Barry Hardek acknowledged that a slew of monitoring tools for broadband networks is already available on the market. However, he claimed that CAPi for HSD will be able to drill down to a deeper level of detail.

“To use a fishing analogy, operators have had kind of a crude depth-finder,” Hardek said. “Now you can start looking at the fish … You can see what your bronze subscribers are doing versus what your gold subscribers are doing.”

Deep-packet inspection systems, for example, look at specific applications or specific users. “That’s like putting your finger in a specific hole in the dyke and saying, ‘A-ha, it’s this new bandwidth-hogging application that’s sucking up the bandwidth,’” Hardek said. “That doesn’t give you the view of the network that says, ‘I need to add capacity in this part of the node.’”

Everstream, a subsidiary of Concurrent Computer, has focused on delivering usage metrics for video-on-demand. Its VOD-usage-reporting service is used in more than 220 markets by customers including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, Cox Communications and EchoStar Communications.

The CAPi for HSD service collects data from most major CMTS products, according to Everstream, using Internet Protocol Detail Record and Simple Network Management Protocol data. CMTS data are collected multiple times per hour, aggregated and summarized to calculate capacity-usage metrics down to the CMTS port level.

The service, which Everstream said is available now for deployment, will be demonstrated this week at the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers’ Cable-Tec Expo 2007.