Evolution Digital Taps Rovi’s Fan TV Platform for ‘eGUIDE’

New UI will run Evolution’s hybrid ‘eBOX’
Evolution eguide.jpg

Evolution Digital, the Colorado-based supplier focused on independent MVPDs, has introduced a new user interface for the eBOX, its recently rebranded QAM/IP hybrid box, that runs on Rovi’s Fan TV software platform.

Evolution said the new eGUIDE supports and integrates multiple content sources, including live and on-demand video, network DVRs, as well as over-the-top services, and provides access to Rovi’s metadata for search and discovery. Further out, the new UI, which uses 16:9 HD graphics, will add features such as “360 Discovery,” critic reviews, catch-up TV services, caller ID apps and Fan TV’s voice-based Conversational Interface.

Evolution said eBOX with the Fan TV-powered eGUIDE will launch with its new eVUE-TV IP video solution.

Rovi, which acquired Fan TV in 2014 for $12 million, completed the integration of the company’s cloud-based video serach and recommendation engine last year, and announced Fan TV as a modular entertainment discovery platform for service providers and developers at CES in January.

Evolution, meanwhile, also offers eBOX with a platform powered by TiVo, which is in the process of being acquired by Rovi for $1.1 billion.

Evolution Digital has deals with the National Cable Television Cooperative and WideOpenWest to deploy a TiVo-based version of eBOX, but has not announced deployment commitments for  the new Fan TV-based version, but does anticipate to announce several deals for it in the coming months.

Fan TV’s platform “offers flexible APIs so we are able to integrate quickly on eBOX with eGUIDE, and provide our customers a solution today that fortifies our strategy as a business as we continue to develop products and software that help cable providers migrate to all-IP,” Evolution Digital president and CTO said in a statement.

“We are excited to further our relationship with Evolution Digital to offer cable operators eGUIDE, powered by Rovi’s Fan TV platform, which we announced earlier this year at CES,” said Michael Hawkey, senior vice president and general manager, discovery business group at Rovi.

“eGUIDE facilitates simplified search and discovery, as well as extensive program information. Our customers will be able to have a transition path from traditional STBs to Evolution Digital’s eBOX hybrid set-tops, while keeping and enhancing the Rovi Metadata they get today,” added Michael Hawkey, SVP and GM of Rovi’s discovery business group.