EWTN Readies For Nov. 6 Satellite Debut In Germany

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EWTN is gearing up for the launch
of a new television network in Germany on Sunday.
Beginning Nov. 6, EWTN
Katholisches TV will air Catholic religious programming around the clock on direct-to-home satellite
service Astra 1H. EWTN officials said Astra IH is available to some 135 million households, or 55% of the
TV homes in Europe.
During its launch, EWTN Katholisches
TV will debut 12 new series in German. They will include
children's program The Friar or Pater Johann in German; a series on the
Second Vatican Council with auxiliary Bishop Klaus Dick, an
eyewitness to the Council and friend of Pope Benedict XVII; Sunday
Mass from the famous Cathedral of Cologne; Mother Angelica Live
; and The Journey Home episodes, which have been translated into
"We have been
broadcasting part-time in Germany since July 2000, but the launch of our new
network, EWTN Katholisches TV, on Astra IH will place us in the same
satellite neighborhood as many of Germany's most popular television
channels," said EWTN president and CEO Michael Warsaw in announcing the upcoming launch. "This means we
can bring the Gospel to millions more souls. Viewers can also tune into
the new network via our new German website,www.ewtn.de."