A ‘Fabulous’ Holiday Special


New York — Planet Green’s
favorite show, The Fabulous
Beekman Boys
, will be back
for a “holiday special” in
December, ahead of its full
return for a 10-episode second
season in April, network
president and general manager
Laura Michalchyshyn

“We’re thrilled; we’re over the
moon, it has surpassed all our
expectations and become our
No. 1 original series,” she said of
the show that debuted in June.
Starting this week, Nielsen is
scheduled to start rating Planet
Green; Michalchyshyn wouldn’t
estimate what numbers the
show would pull.

The reality series — following
two gay professionals
from New York who branch
into gentlemen farming in
the upstate community of
Sharon Springs — and their
farm’s Beekman 1802 cheese
and soap has had fans such
as Gwyneth Paltrow and Tori
Spelling declaring their support
via social media.

The “boys” themselves —
Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr.
Brent Ridge — have been actively
engaged with fans online.

So the hour-long special
will partly be programmed
by the fans, who’ll be urged
to suggest their favorite segments
via Facebook, Twitter
and other avenues.

“It’s intended to be a tribute
and a grateful big kiss for our
fans,” Michalchyshyn said of
the special.

There will be some clips
from season one, some unaired
scenes, some bloopers
and a sneak peek at season
two, all hosted by Kilmer-
Purcell, Ridge and their more
experienced agricultural comrade,
“Farmer John” Hall.

The Discovery Communications-
owned, environmentthemed
service hopes the returning
series will be a model
for other “charismatic, personality-
driven shows” as it evolves
from early how-to earnestness
to more general entertainment,
the network chief said.

In February and March, season
one episodes will re-air
with pop-up messages and
other enhancements, Michalchyshyn