Facebook Upgrades Search to Promote Live Video

To make it easier for users to find live video on desktop and mobile
facebook badge 400x300.jpg

A day after Facebook announced major enhancements to its live video features, the social media giant also shared it’s upgraded way for users to find live content.

Live video on Facebook will now be highlighted in topics that trend on users’ trending sidebar, and a dedicated live content search feature will soon be added to the Facebook mobile app, the company announced April 7.

“Here, you can easily find even more videos across Facebook — just type a few keywords into the search bar at the top of the screen to discover all sorts of videos about things that matter to you, from chefs sharing their recipes to scientists explaining their breakthroughs to comedians trying out new jokes,” a Facebook blog post read.

Facebook Live launched in the summer of 2015, and on April 6 the company beefed up the feature, giving both groups and event pages on the service the ability to share live video, added interactive features for broadcasters, and included a live map option for Facebook’s desktop site.

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