Fake CNN Web Page Under Investigation


A Web prankster definitely played a game with Cable News Network Monday,
circulating a false Web news page claiming that Microsoft Corp. had agreed to
buy the video-game unit of troubled French media outlet Vivendi-Universal.

The fake Web site -- made up to look just like a CNN news page, complete with
ads and CNN links -- was traced to a Web server at Purdue University in Indiana,
according to reports. It was dismantled at about 4 p.m. EST.

The university has identified a student in connection with the site, and it
is not considering disciplinary action, according to reports.

Microsoft, meanwhile, issued a terse press release refuting the bogus story.
While reports of a possible deal to buy the Vivendi gaming unit have circulated
for weeks, the software giant's policy is not to comment on such rumors.

"Any purported press release or news story appearing on a Web site is a
hoax," the company said.