FCC Approves Creation of Media Bureau


The Federal Communications Commission has approved a plan to reorganize its
2,000-person bureaucracy, highlighted by the creation of a new bureau that will
oversee much of the cable, broadcasting and direct-broadcast satellite

The four FCC commissioners approved the plan Wednesday night after gaining
the support of the FCC employees union. Congress must be notified of the plan,
but it does not have to approve it to take effect, FCC officials said.

W. Kenneth Ferree, current chief of the Cable Services Bureau, will head the
Media Bureau. The new bureau will be responsible for the TV, radio, cable and
DBS industries in connection with general policies, mergers and licensing.

The FCC's Enforcement Bureau will be responsible for adjudicating
pole-attachment complaints and other cable complaints previously administered by
the CSB.

The FCC did not announce staffing decisions below Ferree in the Media Bureau.
Roy Stewart, current chief of the Mass Media Bureau, said he would head the
Media Bureau's Office of Broadcast License Policy.

However, Multichannel News previously reported that FCC leaders are
planning to name the following individuals to the following staff positions in
the Media Bureau:

\u0007 Chief of staff: Deborah Klein, current chief of the CSB's Consumer
Protection and Competition Division.

\u0007 Deputy chief: William Johnson, current deputy chief in the CSB.

\u0007 Deputy chief: likely Robert Ratcliffe, current deputy chief in Mass

\u0007 Policy division: likely Mary Beth Murphy, current chief of the Policy and
Rules Division in Mass Media.

\u0007 Industry analysis division: Royce Dickens Sherlock, current deputy chief of
the CSB's Policy and Rules Division.

\u0007 Engineering division: John Wong, current chief of the CSB's Engineering and
Technical Services Division.